challenge #303

Share one or more examples for presenting opposing lists using a “Dos and Don’ts” format.

Challenge #299

Take a static content slide and convert it into each of the six freeform question types.
The only new content you should add to the freeform questions is instruction and feedback. You shouldn’t have to create new content to make the questions work.

challenge #294

Create a tabs-based example using the interaction format on the Dog Breeds pages on American Kennel Club’s website.
The challenge is about combining multiple interaction types in a single tabs example.

challenge #293

Share ideas for notifying learners when it’s time to click navigation buttons in e-learning.

Challenge #292

Create an interaction that presents learners with a challenge and asks them to respond by typing how they would handle or respond to the challenge. Then, include a way for learners to compare and contrast their response to an expert’s recommendation.

Challenge #291

Share an example that demonstrates how checklist and to-do interactions can be used in e-learning.
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