Portfolio Challenge Instructional Design Document


Provide a training solution for onboarding clients. Subscribers drop off subscription service after about 3-6 months at a high rate. Those who make it past 6 months stay long term.


A mobile app will house microlearning content. Users will receive updates and alerts through the app when new information is added. Admin can easily update with new information and send push notifications. With app analytics, it is easy to track users and their interactions.

Assessment Strategy

Users will be informally assessed on successfully posting a project to the PM software. We will know the app is successful when we see a 50% increase in customer retention and extension of software subscription past the 6-month mark.
Once a learner has completed a micro-video, they will be prompted to the appropriate section of the PM software and fill in their corresponding information.

The app will intuitively send out reminders at intervals when users are not active in the PM software. The reminders will prompt them to the next video in the queue or offer the chat or forum feature to help learners along.


 Client (fictional) offers a subscription-based software as a service solution for project management.

  • Fliplet App 100% 100%

My Process



Needs analysis/solution analysis. I look at the organization’s needs, the training goal, and any constraints.



Because this was a short term project that needed to be handed off to the administrators who have no ID experience I chose an easy app that would provide all the just-in-time training they needed as well as ease of use for the admin. I knew the design should be simple and no-nonsense so the lines and navigation are simple and sleek. The user can easily find information and the admin can easily add content.



Developing this project required that I keep in mind that I would not be maintaining it, so it had to be easy to navigate and use.