Effective communication


This is a main part of onboarding and continuing training for this company. Communication is the backbone of how they set themselves apart from other chauffeur companies.


Because the topic is so important and used multiple times throughout the time an employee will serve, it is important to provide multiple ways for the information to be communicated. I built an elearning course, an infographic for employees to keep with them, as well as a presentation and facilitator guide for onboarding.


As a cornerstone of this company’s values, communication was a top priority for training. These materials provide a way for training to be consistent and repetitive yet engaging.


Development Time

  It took approximately 80 hours to complete this project.


 Alimena Limousine




  • Canva 50% 50%
  • Genial.ly 50% 50%

My Process



I held a kickoff meeting with the owner/CEO to discuss high priority needs for the project and how the current materials could be used to create new materials. I then held several employee interviews to gain insight into their daily lives on the job and how this topic applied to them.



The design signals class and simplicity. The company colors are black, white, and silver. The information needed to be presented in simple and consistent formats.



The goal was to develop a cohesive look over multiple formats to signal consistent topic instruction.