Effective Communication Facilitator Guide


This project was made for a transportation company. They wanted blended learning options for their entire staff: leadership, office staff, and chauffeurs.


After speaking to current employees, the CEO, and referring to the current training manual, I found consistensies that were present and important to the company and its mission. I researched best communication skills and narrowed it to five that formed the acronym “NABER”. I then researched and found engaging in-person activities that could be done with the entire staff.


This facilitator guide allows any leader in the company to lead and facilitate this training. This saves the CEO valuable time since he was leading all training. Now he can focus on CEO responsibilities and delegate this to another person on his leadership team, knowing that each time a training is facilitated, it will be consistent.


Development Time

This project started March, 2020. It took approximately 30 hours to complete the project.


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