Email Etiquette

This course was made for eLearning Heroes Challenge #299: Converting Static to Interactive E-Learning. 

This week, your challenge is to take a static content slide and convert it into each of the six freeform question types.

The only new content you should add to the freeform questions is instruction and feedback. You shouldn’t have to create new content to make the questions work.

Email Confidential

This course was made for eLearning Heroes Challenge #303: Dos and Don’ts in E-Learning.

“This week, your challenge is to share one or more examples for presenting opposing lists using a “Dos and Don’ts” format.

Your entry can be static or interactive, so feel free to share anything you can think of. Even silly ideas can help trigger practical solutions, so don’t hold back!

Chauffeur Skills Course

This course was designed for a chauffeur company’s onboarding program. It highlights the top 5 skills a chauffeur in this leading company will need to be successful. The course is modeled after the design of a magazine to give learners autonomy over their learning choices and to provide interest in the topics. This course has streamlined the company’s onboarding process and saved the company thousands of dollars in live onboarding costs.

Sales Game


Create a quick gamified learning tool that would quickly and easily introduce key terms to a new sales team member.


This game offers everything good about gamified learning. It allows the learner to take ownership of their learning in many ways. The game as a knowledge check to provide a way for learners to practice their learning in a competitive environment where failing is safe.


Toddler "Pet" Tabs

This course was made for eLearning Heroes Challenge #294: Tabs Interactions Featuring Family Pets.
“This week, your challenge is to create a tabs-based example using the interaction format on the Dog Breeds pages on American Kennel Club’s website.

You can choose any animal you like. The challenge is about combining multiple interaction types in a single tabs example.”

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